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Meet Our Team

The US Tax Works 2.0 team is uniquely capable of handling your organization's WOTC applications and processing. WOTC is all we do which means we are experts at making sure you receive the tax credits you deserve without the headache of learning the in's and out's of the program.

A lifelong Memphian, Sheri spent 32 years in the Cable Industry with Memphis Cablevision, Time Warner Cable and Comcast Cable. She began her career in the Sales department developing Customer Service and Operations skills. After transitioning into Finance, she served as Payroll Coordinator for southwest Tennessee and parts of Arkansas.

Chief Operations Officer

After earning an Associate Degree in Finance from State Technical Institute at Memphis, Barbara worked for National Bank of Commerce. After leaving the banking industry she worked in a variety of finance roles at Time Warner Cable and Comcast Cable. 

Workforce Coordinator
About US Tax Works 2.0

US Tax Works 2.0 has no business outside the tax credit area. We are a Woman Owned Business that specializes in processing and maximizing federal tax credits for the benefit of our clients.

With over thirty years of tax experience and a proven record of excellence in client relations, we are dedicated to helping our clients claim and retain every tax dollar possible.

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